Experience the world's largest gathering of data centre professionals and end-users at Data Centre World on
6-7 March 2024 emanating from ExCeL London.

Data centres are the beating heart of the digital economy.

Now it's time to take part in the event that powers the digital economy.

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tech enthusiasts to meet and collaborate with across two days


cutting-edge data centre solutions designed for your facility


hours of tech talks covering the top data centre conversations


opportunities to form next-generation infrastructures

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Business leaders and visionaries across all technology verticals attend Tech Show London to shape their digital future.

Tech Show London is an award-winning event delivering unmatched content from world-renowned speakers and exhibitors showcasing the highest quality services.

Your free ticket to Data Centre World gets you access to all Tech Show London events, including Cloud Expo Europe, DevOps Live, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, and Big Data & AI World.

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By registering your interest to attend Data Centre World 2024, you'll gain exclusive access to all Mainstage content from the 2023 event!

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World-class data centre experts and end-users from various industries came to share their knowledge and stories of success in the data centre world.

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Conference Themes for 2023

Global Strategies: People, Environment & Innovation

Global Strategies: People, Environment & Innovation

The demand for greater data centre capacity is growing exponentially, as the entire world continues to go online at a rapid pace. Yet, skills shortages and meeting necessary sustainability targets make it difficult to meet this demand. Global leaders will share insights and strategies to tackle the following topics:

  • People management
  • Environmental factors
  • New innovations

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Energy Efficiency, Cost Management & DCIM

Energy Efficiency, Cost Management & DCIM

All eyes are on data centre operators to curb their impact on the environment and reach net-zero targets. Advancing technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning offer opportunities to achieve energy efficiency and cost optimisation. Join the experts to consider:

  • Waste reduction
  • New DCIM innovations
  • Power and cooling technologies

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Facilities and Critical Equipment

Facilities and Critical Equipment

Data centre downtime can cause disastrous economic and reputational damage to operators and the end-users they serve. Preventing failure relies on effective physical and digital maintenance. Explore with fellow leaders to find out how you can make a difference to:

  • Facilities and critical equipment design
  • Threat management and prevention

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Design & Build and Physical Security

Design & Build and Physical Security

The first stages of a data centre, namely design and build, can make or break its success. Without a effective and bespoke planning for each data centre location, these facilities can quickly become obsolete. Explore crucial discussions to ensure a future-proof data centre:

  • Effective design strategies
  • Large data centres vs micro data centres
  • On and off-land data centres
  • Meeting varying design and build requirements
  • First-hand accounts of data centre protecting from external threats

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Top 3 reasons to attend

Data centres are the backbone of the digital economy and transformation. Leaders come to Data Centre World to build their digital business upon a strong foundation.

  • Be a part of the data centre community

Network, collaborate and build partnerships that can inspire new opportunities to transform your business.

  • Discover the latest data centre technologies

There are plenty of sustainable, secure and scalable solutions to build a solid infrastructure for your digital business.

  • Shape the data centre conversations

Visit the conference theatres to get involved in crucial discussions that will leave the data centre world in a better state than we found it.

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Why should I come to Data Centre World?

One Ticket, Five Events!

Data Centre World is part of Tech Show London, presented by CloserStill Media.

The AEO award-winning Tech Show London brings together five leading technology events: Big Data & AI World, Cloud Expo Europe, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, Data Centre World, and DevOps Live.

Your free Data Centre World ticket will get you access to all Tech Show London events taking place at ExCeL London on 
6-7 March 2024.

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