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21 - 22 March 2018 ExCeL, London

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Visitor Testiomonials 2017

We’re here to look at new products, new solutions and new ideas and they are all here under one roof! This is our first time here and it’s overwhelming compared to other expos we have been to. There’s a number of companies we have come to see and it’s been great to put faces to names.
Adam Claug, Director, Dunedin IT

We wanted to get an idea of what new technologies there are within data centres and what’s shaping the future for the next 10-15 years. We are cloud hosting and platform designers but we are here for datacentre world with an interest in all the co-located events. The look and feel of how a data centre may look in years to come is highly beneficial, with working with data centres being our primary role. It’s been great and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself here.\
Danny Salvester, Platform Product Designer, Vodafone

As a network provider we’re looking at what’s going on in the industry & looking for potential customers. We’re actually looking at the Live Green Data Centre right now and it looks so much larger than last year. As a company this is very local to us and we always make a point to come every year. It seems to be much more sectioned this year which makes it much more useful to companies to find relevant products.”
Simisola Olonode , Account Director, euNetworks

The Live Green Data Centre is a very nice demonstration in my opinion. I’m interested especially in the cooling part, it’s a real application and I was really impressed by the two free cooling units in the data centre. I will be back again next year!
Gimacomo Turri, Swegon Cooling

The Live Green Data Centre is the way forward because we need to consider the environment and the products & materials we’re using. I am personally very interested in this but also for the benefits for commercial reasons - its the focal part of the exhibiton for me!
Robert Poon, Engineer, Bank of China

I was very surprised to see all of the working data centre products and machinery here! This is my first year attending and I was instantly impressed with how much effort was put into the feature. It looks very impressive!
Richard Barden, Sales Engineer, Energyst Rental Solutions

Data Centre World is a great show which displays a real data centre with modern components. What an Excellent Showcase
Gia Coro Turri, Blue Box

It’s amazing to see a live data centre in an exhibition. Thanks for this unique opportunity
Onur Arslad, Alp Eng. & Consultancy Ltd

I have been visiting Data Centre World every year since it launched and this year I like the idea to have a separate hall for DCW as it's clear for us to see the infrastructure and to meet the right people to network with. This is the only tradeshow I go to every year!
Robert Gerl, Senior Officer for IT Services. Primorsko-goranska County 

The Live Green Data Centre is a brilliant feature and an interesting place where you see exactly how all the different components work together – essentially the running of a working data centre. I am particularly interested in the cooling systems!
Hideki Kaneko, Senior Manager, NTT Facilities

I have visited DCW for the past 4 years and it’s fantastic to see the event grow year after year. Now you will find all the most important data centre companies in one event. If you come once to DCW, you know you will be coming back next year.
Keith Quinlan, Area Sales Manager, PUK Cable Management Ltd.  

This is my first time attending DCW and I can tell right way that I will be back next year. This event is very professional, well set up and very informative. I was able to meet up with four new clients which has been great, you would not have this kind of opportunity anywhere else.
Patrick Cooper, Business Development Manager North, Farsight Security Services Ltd.

The event is very well organized, I was able to meet with all the companies I wanted to see today. It is definitely worth it for everyone who is working in this industry to visit the event. I will come back next year!
Michael Walker, Project Director, AIMES

Data Centre World has become the go-to exhibition - all the important exhibitors I wanted to meet are here and it’s great that I am able to combine DCW with all of the collocated events, which is such an advantage to me. I was able to arrange meetings with existing and potential new clients. All in all it is a great event and I would recommend it to everyone in the industry.
Peter Van Rijn, Manager Market Intelligence, Interxion


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