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Co-Located With:

  • Cloud Expo Europe
  • Cloud Security Expo
  • Big Data World
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Theatres and Topics

Hear from 600 world-class speakers....

In 2017 we welcomed over 600 industry leading speakers from across the data centre ecosystem. 

Highlights included:

Data centres in the cloud and at the edge, 
Rob Mckernan,
Senior Vice President for the European Zone and oversee Global IT Channels governance, Schneider Electric

The Importance of Accurate Information for Your Data Centre Migration Strategy, 
Ali Ball,
CTO, Technimove

Data Center Management & Operations Best Practice, Workshop delivered by Uptime Institute
Phil Collerton, Managing Director, EMEA, Uptime Institute

Data Centre & Duct Tape, 
Simon Brady,
Head of Data Centre Optimisation, Vertiv

The future is now, driven by sustainability, flexibility and efficiency, 
Rolf Brink,
Founder and CEO, Asperitas

From legacy to legitimacy - How to approach the re-purpose of a mid-life Data Centre,
Rudi Nizinkiewicz,
Data Centres System Design Authority; Ian Holford, Data Centres Regional Operations Manager, GCHQ

Leading the way in data center innovation, 
Steven Harrison,
WUE Senior Network & Technical Architect, HUAWEI

The benefits of modular UPS solutions in the todays ‘green’ datacentres,
Scott Jones, Business Development Manager, Riello UPS Ltd

2018 speakers will be announce over the next coming weeks!


2018 Industry Topics Covered at DCW...

Data Centres of the Future

As business needs change and capacity requirements increase, how will you adapt your data centre to manage an ever changing, expansive landscape? The DCW keynote theatre contains answers to a multitude of challenges that will allow you to plan and manage your data centre of the future. The largest data centre operators on the planet will be providing key content and case study presentations, you need to be there, your future depends on it!

Facilities and Critical Equipment Theatre

Discover the most up to date technical information on the most innovative products available in the market. Improved efficiency through tackling the biggest challenges your Data Centre faces today and of course in the future. Presented as case studies to effectively demonstrate how these innovations have made significant and positive changes to data centres in the UK and beyond

DCIM & Software Defined Data Centres and Networks Theatre

Learn how DCIM can help you overcome many of the most complicated data centre challenges: efficiency optimisation, securing uptime and avoiding capacity pressures. In the DCIM theatre, hear how DCIM can lower costs, prevent downtime, make information decisions easier and speed up infrastructure changes – DCIM offers you the clarity and confidence to make the key decisions that are shaping today and tomorrow’s data centres.
Energy Efficiency & Cost Management Theatre

All the latest developments in tools, product solutions and services to help you maximise energy efficiency and reduce cost management.

Power and Energy is a key factor for the UK market. Regardless of what industry you work in Power is a crucial part of our daily lives and without this we are lost.- this reflects on our daily lives from our health right through to our finances its controlled by power.

Data Centre Design and Build & Physical Security

Learn more about the latest techniques in build and designing the modern data centre. Hear from some of the industry experts on real life practical case studies and projects as to why it’s so crucial to design and build an efficient, effective and operational cost controlling data centre. Panel debates identifying and understanding risks to avoid as well as making sure you have a clear refined strategy in place from day one.