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Umaima Haider

Dr. Umaima Haider

Senior Scientist at University of East London, Technical Analyst at Uptime Institute
Dr Haider is a Senior Scientist at the Enterprise Computing Research Lab (www.eclab.uel.ac.uk) University of East London (UEL) and Technical Analyst - IT Infrastructure Advisory at Uptime Institute. With over a decade experience in academic research and teaching, and in delivering various digital infrastructure transformation and sustainability projects globally. She has also contributed to UK public policy on regulating ICT product sustainability. Previously, Dr Haider held various academic and research scholar positions at organisations in UK and USA and delivered lectures and various research projects related to energy and environmental sustainability of digital infrastructure. One example is the EU H2020 EURECA project where she analysed and developed sustainable strategy for more than 300 EU public sector data centres. Dr Haider is a regular speaker at various major industry events such as at IPExpo, DCD, and DCW, to name a few. Additionally, she often writes articles for professional media magazines such as Data Centre Solutions Europe. Dr Haider has been awarded a PhD in Software Engineering from the University of East London. She received her MSc degree in Computer Security Forensic & Risk Management from the University of Greenwich, and BEng in Computer & Information System from the NED University of Engineering & Technology. She is also a CPSA-F (Certified Professional for Software Architecture –Foundation Level) certified from iSAQB.

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