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Sophie Parry

Sophie Parry

Technical Applications Consultant, Zumtobel
• A qualified electrical engineer with just over 30 years’ experience in electrical building services and electrical engineering in • the aerospace industry and then later specialised in lighting for the last 11 years. • Worked for Zumtobel Group since 2014 and current role is Technical Applications Specialist & Technical trainer for the ZG businesses in the UK & Ireland. • The Chair of the Society of Light & Lighting’s Technical & Publications committee • A CIBSE approved speaker at national and international lighting meetings, CPD events and conferences. • Panel member at Data Centre World’s DCA panel on decarbonising data centres • A member of the DCA’s Sustainability Special Interest Group • Principal author/ project manager for SLL LG 14- Control of Electric Light • Author of CIBSE Commissioning code L (Lighting) 2018 • Author of SLL LG 20- Lighting for Facilities Managers • Joint author of SLL LF 17 Temporal Lighting Artefacts (flicker & stroboscopic elements) • Cited as a major contributor to the SLL Lighting Handbook 2018 • In recognition of Sophie’s work with CIBSE & SLL, she was awarded an SLL Fellowship in 2018 and also awarded the SLL Lighting Award for 2019 • Ambassador of Sustainability at Zumtobel Group


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