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Rabih Bashroush

Rabih Bashroush

Global Head, IT Infrastructure Advisory at Uptime Institute, Uptime Institute
Professor Bashroush provides strategic advisory to public and private sector IT Infrastructure transformation projects covering: consolidation, cloud adoption, resiliency and sustainability. He was named in the UK Universities top 100 Best Breakthrough list for his work on energy conservation in ICT. He led European initiatives such as EURECA and the European Commission DG CONNECT SmartCities research cluster. Professor Bashroush advised and supported various governments including the UK, Ireland, and the European Commission. He serves on the IT infrastructure standardisation committees for CEN/CENELEC/ETSI as well as ISO/IEC and his work has influenced several international policies and legislation (e.g. GPP, EMAS, EcoDesign, …). Professor Bashroush has published over 100 scientific papers.


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