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Heather Dooley

Heather Dooley

Founder HDCManagement LLC & Chairperson IMWomen, HDCManagement LLC, IMWomen (Imasons)
Heather brings over 20 years of experience in everything from international business development to organizational change management, strategy, learning/development, and digital transformation. She has come to be known as a thoughtful leader in the data center sector and for the capabilities she’s built in the business including: tools, education, and communications. She has extensive experience identifying the business needs and building a case to solve the greatest problems for the organization. Heather is driving ESG consulting across the tech ecosystem and was an executive for Google Global Data Centers leading the global PMO, Strategy, Enterprise Tools, and Learning and Development teams. She is on a mission to enable the industry to diversify their workforce. She comes from a non-traditional background for Data Centers and believes the best ideas and delivery come from a representative team. She is passionately involved in developing opportunities for women in technology through volunteering, mentoring and leading corporate initiatives.


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