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22 Nov 2021



Micro Data Centre is a small-scale modular IT infrastructure. It's a smaller, containerised facility that encompasses storage, compute, cooling systems, UPS, monitoring, and access control. A Micro Edge Data Centre is ideal for temporary or permanent data processing in both indoor and outdoor environments, such as disaster recovery services.

They enable IT specialists to manage edge computing and networking. From the initial installation to long-term management, the entire process is simplified and made easy. When answering what is a micro edge data centre, it's a facility that enables the support of an IT load of around 200kVA or 30 average-density cabinets.

Where are Edge Data Centres Located? 

When a data centre is further away information and digital services take more time to arrive. Alongside the inconvenience of not having fast access to data, this can lead to higher bandwidth costs. Edge computing brings your data processing equipment closer to the point of use in the form of a micro edge data centre. While still located off-site, to save you space on your premises, it's still closer than less convenient data facilities.

The closer a micro data is to the point of usage, the lower the latency and expenses. As many IT technologies have been working to innovate to reduce telecommunications latency and bandwidth costs in the last decade, micro edge data centres have emerged as the ideal solution. These facilities also offer physical infrastructure advantages to any small facility, regardless of latency requirements.

How Micro Data Centres Relate to Edge Computing

Edge computing and micro data centres are often confused, and it’s easy to see why as both function within similar contexts. Both terms cover related purposes, however, they have clear differences. Edge computing is a distributed architecture that minimises latency by storing apps, data, and computation resources closer to end users geographically. 

IT specialists usually deploy edge computing simultaneously with the Internet of Things (IoT), which is how it relates to micro data centres. Instead of distributed architecture, MDCs are a form of data centre design. They’re a technology that enables IT professionals to implement edge computing for real-world uses.

How Micro Data Centres Work

Like any data centre, how an MDC works depends on its precise elements. All the components, such as the servers, power and cooling systems, and switchgear, play a role in how the micro data centre functions. MDCs are typically pre-assembled, with all equipment already installed in a server rack, when they’re shipped. This means most MDCs are maintained, managed, and installed in a similar way.

During the installation, there’s the opportunity to add extra components and features. Now is also the time where IT staff will connect power and network cables. Powering the data centre is simple as it can be connected to an existing utility power source. For larger installations, an electrician may be needed to create a new circuit to power the MDC.

After the installation is complete, the MDC needs to be managed and maintained. This should be done by your in-house IT staff or a managed service provider (MSP). They will monitor the equipment for any potential issues, as well as make any necessary configurations. Once the MDC is functioning effectively, it allows businesses to reduce computing latency and the risk of a single point of failure. The system is also highly scalable, so it can grow alongside your organisation.

What are the Key Benefits an Edge Data Centre Provides?Increased Scalability

MDCs allow you to only pay for what you need and when you need it, which supports your organisation’s growth. Over time, as your company’s operations and demands change, you can easily scale the data processing using MDCs to adapt to these adjustments. Large, traditional data centres are more difficult to scale, as MDCs are standardised and have lower kW increments. You can easily accommodate growth by deploying an additional MDC when your compute needs change.

IoT (Internet of Things)

If your organisation uses devices related to the IoT, you must lower latency, and decrease the distance between your storage and compute resources and your devices. An MDC is an ideal way to do this efficiently, quickly, and effectively. Bring all your necessary technology and equipment closer to your premises, while modernising your data processing operations.


Data Centre Power Units


Hybrid Cloud Computing

The latency and bandwidth costs associated with public cloud platforms are often an issue for applications that use machine learning and AI. MDCs allow businesses to take advantage of the cloud's benefits while also bringing computation and storage resources closer to your premises and directly on-site when it’s beneficial for your operations. Hybrid cloud computing ensures MDCs reduce latency while enabling staff to quickly port workloads - reducing the risk of a single point of failure.

Deployment & Content Delivery Speed

MDCs are fast and simple to deploy. Once you know that this data centre is the right fit for your operations, you can install the system quickly. Without the need for an intricate design, like with large-scale data centres, your business can benefit from the data processing of the facility in much less time.

After installation, the MDC is still quick, ensuring high-performance content delivery speed, making it perfect for organisations that require both HD streaming and high-quality static content delivery. MDCs will also be crucial if you want to develop the infrastructure required for complete 5G connectivity - future-proofing your operational efficiency.

Capital Cost

MDCs operate at reduced costs compared to their large-scale alternatives. As they function on the existing physical framework of your building, you don’t need to invest in any additional power sources. Often, most existing facilities have the power capacity to enable an MDC to function effectively. Using both utility and emergency generator power, you can set up a low-cost MDC that can transform your organisation.

Infiniti IT Micro Edge Data Centre

We hope this blog has answered your question, what is a micro edge data centre. They’re often the more complete alternative to large-scale data centres. Find out if micro edge data centres are right for your organisation, call our team on 01993 774444 or visit our contact page today.


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