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  • Is data centre cybersecurity looking in the wrong direction?

    06 Dec 2021 Sam Steers | DataCentre Magazine
    The majority of data centre cybersecurity is externally focused. More and more, cybersecurity teams need to look within
  • Cold storage is so hot right now

    04 Dec 2021 Sam Steers | DataCentre Magazine
    As data sets grow in size, the industry is seeing a rise in the use of “cold storage” as a cost-effective way to store vast amounts of unstructured data
  • Server room maintenance is the process of keeping the components and the environment free of any faults, in pristine physical health, and beneficial to your business’s processes. Regular maintenance i ...
  • Micro Data Centre is a small-scale modular IT infrastructure. It's a smaller, containerised facility that encompasses storage, compute, cooling systems, UPS, monitoring, and access control. A Micro Ed ...


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