Exhibitor Press Releases


  • The next generation UPS

    01 Mar 2018 Socomec


    Native digital Masterys UPS from Socomec converges with the latest smart-tech

  • The future of Power Monitoring

    01 Mar 2018 Socomec

    The future of power monitoring- ground breaking technologies for greater simplicity and performance


    The latest developments from Socomec are delivering smarter buildings and facilities – with sustainable and intelligent energy solutions.

  • Environet 4.8 automates time-intensive tasks, streamlines navigation and power metrics visibility. Geist, a division of Vertiv and provider of intelligent power and management solutions for data centers, announced version 4.8 of Environet, its popular data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software.

  • Landsvirkjun provides power to secure the continued growth of Advania Data Centers

    28 Feb 2018 Landsvirkjun, The National Power Company of Iceland

    REYKJAVIK, Iceland-

    Landsvirkjun and the technology company Advania Data Centers have signed a power contract for the supply of 30 MW to the data center at Fitjar in Reykjanesbær. Efforts are being made to expand the data center and the IT provider expects to triple its operations. Fifty employees are expected to work at the data centers and the estimated turnover for the year is approximately six billion ISK.

    The agreement allows Advania Data Centers to meet the ever-increasing demand for high performance computing and specialist services in blockchain technology.


  • The underground telecom vaults in New York City, USA, were frequently flooded, especially after hurricane Sandy. A major Tier 1 carrier turned to Roxtec to prevent future flooding and the associated liabilities.

    The concrete walls in the vaults are designed for up to 20 matrixes of penetrations for coax cables and fiber bundles. But the foam and other sealing materials that were used for the cable penetrations were not a good solution for the uneven surfaces of the water saturated walls and could not withstand the high pressure. It was necessary to find a tight and area efficient solution to seal around thousands of cables.

  • A world renowned Data Centre required Premium Power to conduct fault finding on site with portable monitoring equipment without switching of the UPS or variable frequency drives during the survey.

  • To ensure conditioned air makes its way from the CRAC unit through the raised floor, to the cold aisle and ultimately to the front of the server racks,it is necessary to ensure optimal airflow conditions at all raised floor openings. Using conventional grilles or perforated tiles is not ideal as they are unable to direct the conditioned air with the required pressure and velocity to equally cool hardware at the top and bottom of the cabinets. The passive Triad floor tiles from RLE Technologies are equipped with stratification airflow fins that ensure cooled air is directed to all cabinet levels. The unique design of the tile means that they can also be deployed to counteract the effects of negative airflow. The tiles fin and baffle design reverses the effects of air being sucked under the floor which is particularly common in vented tiles located close to CRAC units. These floor tiles will be presented on the Daxten stand (D540) at Data Centre World 2018, which is being held at ExCeL London on the 21st and 22nd March.

  • Dantherm Group will be part of one of the largest data centre exhibitions in the UK – Data Centre World 2018 – and will bring with them their vast array of products to tackle data centre cooling and dehumidification.

  • Brugine (Padova), 27 February 2018 - At Data Centre World, to be held on 21 and 22 March in London, CAREL will be presenting its complete solution for datacentres, with the focus on efficiency and energy saving both on each individual device and across the entire system. 

  • Customers can now easily understand the cost savings of deploying Secure Array™ IP consolidation technology thanks to a new online savings estimator introduced by Chatsworth Products (CPI), the leader in data centre infrastructure.

    The cost of configuring cabinets in the data centre can be significantly high because of the number of additional network ports and IP addresses needed to network sensors. Traditional networks typically require one connection for each PDU, environmental device and electronic access control system per cabinet.

    Secure Array, an award-winning eConnect feature, reduces costs and minimises installation time by allowing customers to link up to 32 eConnect PDUs under a single IP address using standard Ethernet cables. Additional features include outlet grouping, data logging, threshold alarms and PDU cloning. Adding a second IP address provides failover capability, which allows functioning PDUs to continue communicating if a PDU in the array loses connectivity.

    Because eConnect PDUs seamlessly integrate with environmental monitoring and eConnect Electronic Access Control (EAC), 16 cabinets can be fully configured using only two connections instead of traditional deployments that require up to four network connections per cabinet. The online savings estimator demonstrates this substantial cost benefit.


  • Daxten presents on stand D540: the ultimate doorman for data centres

    When it is necessary to protect sensitive corporate data, attention should be turned not only to external cyber-threats, but also to internal threats. In order to protect the physical integrity of the data centre a strong defense system must be implemented that allows administrators to monitor who has access to the racks, servers, and network devices. A key role in the security of data centres is ensuring that racks are only accessed by authorised users. A silver bullet to protect data from unauthorised access, manipulation, theft, and vandalism is the TZ SlideHandle; a retrofittable locking system for rack doors that is compatible with all major server cabinets. This solution will be demonstrated on the Daxten stand (D540) at Data Centre World 2018, which is being held at ExCeL London on the 21st and 22nd March.





     Free listing is open to all data centre suppliers wishing to sell into

    European Public Sector Data Centres


  • Powersystems at Data Centre World

    26 Feb 2018 Powersystems UK

    Engineering success since 1977, Powersystems UK started from small beginnings just outside of Bristol providing a service only the local electricity board could previously offer.  40 years on, Powersystems UK has continued to provide excellent services for industrial and generation customers, providing the very best solutions for grid connections, electrical infrastructure, renewable generation, and high voltage maintenance.

  • Andrew Hogan, Operatiopns Director at Premium Power Ltd, will be talking about Arc Flash hazards and their manifestation within the Data Centre environment, on the 22nd March 2018 at 2.30pm .

  • The Datev eG datacentre has a storage space of 20,700,000 gig, hosting an array of equipment and technology. The network infrastructure is huge, and has on average 500,000 remote users logging into the computer centre.

    A sudden power failure would have devastating effects on process and reliability, therefore the consequences of a shutdown are potentially catastrophic for the datacentre and its users.

    Datev selected Bender Residual Current Monitoring technology to monitor and provide advanced warning of developing causes of electrical failure and provide full visualisation of the electrical infrastructure.

    The result is prior warning enabling preventive remedial action, saving Datev considerable time, money and preventing datacentre or equipment shutdown.

  • EkkoSense - stand D1210 at Data Centre World 2018 - is to launch the world’s first Internet-of-Things (IoT) enabled wireless sensor to provide a local display of measured temperature and relative humidity values.

    The EkkoSensor Wireless Display Sensor can show temperature profiles over the last hour, 24 hours or week for immediate on-site thermal assessment, and integrates with EkkoSoft Critical 3D software to provide real-time virtual reality visualisation.

  • Emitted light combines with optical character recognition to capture power metrics in data centers via smartphones. Geist, a division of Vertiv and provider of intelligent power and management solutions for data centers, today announced that its Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology for the Geist Upgradeable line of power distribution units (PDU) is now available on both Android and iOS platforms.

  • 2018-02-20 - Automatic transfer switch and finger-safe, plug-in Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) system extend ABB’s range of digitally connected industrial equipment and systems data center technology.

  • Roxtec invests in new fire lab

    20 Feb 2018 Roxtec

    Cable and pipe transit manufacturer Roxtec is growing in several different industries. In order to meet the increasing demand for product testing and pave the way for continuous growth, the company is building a new fire test lab in Karlskrona, Sweden. It will be ready in 2018.

  • Chatsworth Products (CPI) will showcase its cabinet-centric approach for simplified data centre white space management at this year’s Data Centre World (DCW) on March 21-22, at ExCeL London.

    Visitors to CPI's Stand, D1150, will experience a complete ecosystem approach to data centre management, featuring a selection of cabinet, containment, power and cable management solutions, including the award-winning eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and the newly released eConnect Electronic Access Control (EAC) and Zwipe® Access Cards with biometric authentication, two cabinet security solutions to meet the need for greater regulatory and compliance requirements.

    “Addressing infrastructure, hardware and software as a single cohesive system simplifies operations and provides better management and protection of the data centre’s key assets,” states Julian Riley, CPI Regional Sales Director & General Manager Europe. “A complete cabinet ecosystem approach holds the key to setting and managing energy efficiency objectives and monitoring conditions such as power, environment and security to truly optimise your investment.”

    Product demonstrations will emphasise the benefits of CPI's ecosystem approach, which includes newly released products that provide increased physical security at the cabinet level.

  • With nearly 20,000 senior decision makers attending last year, London’s Data Centre World conference is one of the biggest events for anyone interested in cutting-edge technologies and the power of data – the oil of the 21st century. The Synerise team will be waiting at booth number D680 to talk about how Artificial Intelligence can harness metadata to make marketing campaigns better targeted and more effective.

  • Tripp Lite, a world-leading manufacturer of power protection and connectivity solutions, welcomes Bryn Morgan as the Vice President of International Business.

  • CENTIEL Ltd, the UK subsidiary of Swiss-based UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL SA, will be presenting at Data Centre World to be held at Excel in London, 21-22 March.

    At 11.45am on the first day of the show Michael Brooks, managing director, CENTIEL Ltd, will present on: How close to the perfect UPS is 4th generation modular UPS technology? In this discussion, he will describe the perfect UPS and consider how close the latest UPS technology is to achieving power protection perfection.

    At 10.15am on day two, David Bond, chairman, CENTIEL Ltd will look at whether the latest UPS technology, if correctly configured, can significantly improve both power availability and operating efficiency in his presentation entitled: Can 4th generation modular UPS technology improve datacentre availability above that required by Tier 4 (>99.995%) and help achieve a PUE <1.1? Both presentations will be held in the Energy Efficiency, Cost Management and DCIM Theatre.

    David Bond, chairman, CENTIEL Ltd explains: “The perfect UPS is 100% available, 100% efficient, takes up no space and costs nothing to purchase. With this in mind, we need to consider how close 4th generation modular UPS technology is to perfection and therefore what else needs to be done to achieve power protection perfection.

    “We also need to consider,” continues Bond: “how 4th generation modular UPS technology can help achieve the often mutually exclusive objectives of very high datacentre availability and very low datacentre PUE.

    “Tier 4 datacentres, in order to achieve the required high levels of availability, attempt to remove all single points of power failure by duplicating UPS systems (2N) and by adding parallel redundancy into each UPS (2N+1). The problem is that such duplication causes the UPS to be operated at a low point on their efficiency curve and hence adversely affect the datacentre’s PUE.”
    Bond concludes: “Our day two presentation will discuss how 4th generation modular UPS, if correctly configured, is able to combine the benefits of “nine 9s” availability with very high efficiency even at low loads.”

    As well as presenting at Data Centre World, CENTIEL will be showing its leading-edge UPS solutions stand: D1035.


    There are a lot of good reasons why data centre experts need to deal with the issue of leaks: the fact is, leaks have always been one of the primary causes of unscheduled downtime in data centres along with human error, interrupted power supply and hardware failures. If liquids get into the sensitive areas of a data centre, there could be system disruptions, equipment and facility failures or, in the worst case scenario, serious technical and structural damage to the entire data centre infrastructure that could bring operations and all IT services to a standstill.

    For the data centre manager the question is not if, but when there will be a leak in the data centre. And because it’s anyone’s guess as to when and how this could happen, taking precautions at an early stage by adopting a water and chemical detection leak system is an important mission critical decision.


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