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  • With the appliance outlets of the 4710-5 series, SCHURTER launches the logical evolutionary stage to the successful 4710 - with a clear plus in functionality for status display.

  • Leading data centre specialist, WBS Group, is heading to the UK’s largest industry event next month in a bid to reinforce its burgeoning sector credentials.

    And the Nottingham-based business will be in good company, as it seeks to liaise with over 700 leading data service professionals on hand at the London show.

    WBS, the full turnkey solution provider for the data centre industry, will exhibit at the Data Centre World show for the first time on March 11-12, having successfully delivered prominent installations across Europe, including London, Istanbul and Frankfurt.

    WBS already counts several big players among its clientele, such as CyrusOne, a real estate investment trust based in Dallas, Texas, but will use Data Centre World next month to take its message and, hopefully, its brand to the next level.

    “This is a real opportunity for us to showcase our efforts as principle contractor on some complex projects across Europe and Asia ,” said WBS Group MD Ian Patilla.

    “Alongside this, you have also a highly cooperative attitude that has seen us partner with some of the most respected names in the business.

    “Our founding ethos as a business was honesty, integrity, experience and professionalism, and this remains as strong today as it ever was. And now, at Data Centre World, we have the chance to raise awareness of our brand even further from the biggest industry platform around. We can’t wait.”

    Alongside its work in the data centre industry, WBS also includes all aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering work in its impressive service offering.

    Operating across sectors, such as hospitality, prestige residential, retail and the public sector, the firm has delivered multi-faceted projects for the likes of the Dual Branded Crowne Plaza – Holiday Inn Express T4 Heathrow and The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hyde Park in recent times.

    Such a combined approach allows the business to provide proactive and flexible solutions to its clients’ needs, liaising with a wide variety of professionals across the supply chain including architects, contractors and interrelated service providers.

    “We’re really proud of the work we’ve undertaken for our customers and the benefits they have received from it,” added Ian.

    “At all times, we aim to be both proactive and flexible – and what we’re finding is that many of our clients, require engineering and data centre construction solutions side-by-side, especially during periods of quick installations and tight turnarounds.

    “Having that all in-house puts us at the top of the priority list for many big businesses, which I’m sure will only stand us in good stead at Data Centre World next month.”

    The firm is hoping to wow the crowds with more information like that as it is heads to Data Centre World, at the ExCel London venue, next month. You can learn more from them at stand D165.

    For more information on WBS Group, visit https://thewbsgroup.com/.

    Further details on data Centre World are available at https://www.datacentreworld.com/.

  • Scolmore Group is delighted to have come away with the highly coveted ‘Best New Product’ trophy at this year’s Electrical Wholesaler Awards, for its IEC Lock™ range of unique, patented IEC locking connectors. 

  • What do data centres require of their power delivery? The answer is easy: 100% power availability, 100% of the time. In other words, they want a system that never fails.

    However, reliability is often considered the key attribute for any UPS solution. Yet, a system can be reliable over a period of time, but still fail on a particular occasion with far-reaching consequences. Therefore, availability must be the number one priority when purchasing any UPS solution.

    Availability can be expressed by the following equation where MTBF equals Mean Time Before Failure and MTTR equals Mean Time To Repair:

    Availability = MTBF


    Availability is expressed as a percentage. The key number here is MTTR (if MTTR = 0 then Availability is always 100% regardless of MTBF).

    In recent years, modular systems have introduced a significant step-change in the industry as, when properly configured, they are designed to maximise load availability and system efficiency simultaneously.

    This is achieved because modular systems have a single frame, containing a number (N) of power modules. These run together and share the load equally between them. The advantage of this N+1 configuration is that if one module fails it becomes isolated. The remaining modules support the load and the system availability is preserved. UPS modules are paralleled vertically within a single frame, and frames can be further paralleled horizontally to provide a completely flexible system. There is no single point of failure, contributing to the highest level of availability for power protection. The load also remains protected even when any individual module is being replaced.

    CENTIEL’s CumulusPower is the latest 4th generation of true modular UPS systems, incorporating Distributed Active Redundant Architecture (DARA), it provides a significant improvement over previous system designs. The critical power protection industry is, understandably, extremely riskaverse, and is particularly attentive regarding potential single points of failure. Therefore, each individual CumulusPower UPS module contains all the elements of a standalone UPS unit – rectifier, inverter, static switch, display – and critically – all control and monitoring circuitry. This eliminates the potential single point of failure associated with designs that have a separate, single static switch assembly, separate control or intelligence modules. Availability for the 4th generation Centiel system is now Nine 9s or 99.9999999%.

    In addition, with all the focus on the UPS units themselves it can be forgotten that an integral element of a system is the associated batteries which provide power in the event of an electrical supply interruption or blackout. Equal consideration needs to be given to the design of the battery system, including rigorous battery autonomy calculations, selecting a quality supplier, the provision of redundant strings, individual string protection/isolation, ambient environment to name but a few.

    With all the time, effort and expense of designing and installing the very best UPS system it is important that it is properly maintained to ensure availability is not compromised. Suppliers offer a variety of maintenance proposals and SLAs and diligence must be applied up front, in scrutinising and choosing the correct solution for each installations requirement. Any UPS that is not maintained properly may ultimately compromise overall system availability.

    As well as availability, organizations need to consider the total cost of ownership of a UPS system and this is related to the purchase price, system efficiency (running costs) and the cost of maintenance.

    I’ve touched on maintenance, so how a system is configured to maximize efficiency is another area demanding attention. The challenge is that IT requirements change quickly. So how can an infrastructure be built to meet these dramatically changing demands? Put simply, a UPS needs to operate on the best point of its efficiency curve. A system which is too small will be overloaded and a system which is too large will waste energy and be inefficient and costly to run. Scalability and flexibility are key when purchasing, to ensure the continual ‘right sizing’ of the UPS.

    Modular systems offer all the advantages of high availability, scalability and flexibility to match an organization’s changing requirements. In addition, they offer the benefits of: fast replacement of modules, small footprint with high power density and, when correctly configured to ensure system “right sizing,” operating costs can be kept to a minimum.

    In our ever-evolving world, future-proofing systems is one of the greatest challenges faced by system designers. The good news is that modern modular UPS systems can be quickly and easily reconfigured to adapt to changes in load requirements over time. This not only ensures the highest efficiency is maintained, but more importantly it guarantees availability of power protection whatever the future holds.

    Article written by Mike Elms, Sales & Marketing Director, CENTIEL UK Ltd

  • Tier 3 and 4 data centres are designed with redundant power from source to socket, to cater for any eventuality resulting from a single failure.  But power outages in data centres can still occur.  Re ...
  • Rittal’s market-leading Edge Data Centre will once again be to the fore at Data Centre World 2020, providing users with an insight into its standardised, pre-configured IT infrastructure. 

  • With the series 4751, SCHURTER is introducing a ganged IEC block style outlet. The new line provides an efficient solution for power distribution units and uninterruptible power supply units.

  • In the process of global harmonization, the USA and Canada will adopt the IEC 60320 standard for device plugs with minor deviations.

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