Exhibitor Press Releases


  • Chatsworth Products (CPI) was recently awarded a patent for a cost-effective, simplified electronic access control (EAC) product for data centre cabinets. This new technology combines access control, intelligent power management and environmental monitoring into a single, integrated platform—highlighting the company’s pioneering expertise in power products and solutions for the data centre.

  • Shortlisted for this year's PCR Components Vendor Award, Ortial is a star amongst the smart solutions Techbuyer offers its customers. Server and laptop memory, solid-state-drives (SSD), high performance transceiver modules and compatible cables are available with around a 90% saving on the branded alternative without compromise on functionality or quality. 

  • ACIS BMS - Shortlisted BCIA Finalist

    12 Mar 2018 Airedale International Air Conditioning Ltd

    ACIS™ BMS recently shortlisted within the Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) technical product innovation of the year award category.

  • Cormant Data Center World Tour 2018

    12 Mar 2018 Cormant DCIM

    Cormant to attend Data Center World in London UK in support of latest Cormant-CS 9.3 Release.

    London, UK, March 12th, 2018 – Cormant Inc., a pure-play developer of complete, easy-to-use data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software, is reminding all Data Center professionals considering DCIM to come and see Cormant’s latest version of its leading DCIM Solution,

  • Structure Tone Mission Critical

    09 Mar 2018 Structure Tone

    With over £70m in live construction, Structure Tone Mission Critical is central London’s largest data centre main contractor, specialising in design and build solutions on very complex and challenging sites. 

  • The Modular UPS Advantage

    09 Mar 2018 AVK-SEG

    AVK will be premiering to the DCW London 2018 Audience a free to attend technical speaker session Entitled 'The Modular UPS Advantage'.

    To be held within the Facilities and Critical Equipment Theatre, we will be presenting the advantages of large scale modular UPS systems for use within major Data Centre installations.

  • Specialising in data centre security systems design and engineering, STANLEY Security will showcase their Enterprise Projects Team at stand D266, Data Centre World, ExCel London, 21-22nd March 2018.

  • A leading manufacturer of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems is launching a ground-breaking new maintenance plan that promises not just an emergency response within a set timeframe, but a guaranteed fix time too.

  • RF Code, the leading provider of real-time data centre solutions, will be sharing its expertise on real-time data in the data centre during three Data Centre World speaker sessions.

  • Information is quickly becoming the most valuable asset organisations own, making the need to push security and authentication to the cabinet level more critical. To meet these demands, Chatsworth Products (CPI) has introduced two new cost-effective access control solutions—the Networked Electronic Access Control (EAC) Swinghandle Kit and Zwipe Access Cards with Biometric Authentication.

  • Luna Logistics collaboration with Black Box Network Services brought together over 30 years’ experience to successfully manage the complete decommissioning and recommissioning of servers for a leading London University. 

  • “This project highlights the importance of power system modelling. Without knowing the magnitude of the arc flash hazard, it would have been impossible to design it out and reduce the risk. The analysis led to the design of simple and cost effective control measures that could ultimately prevent serious injury or fatality to the electrical operators on site.” Anderw Hogan, Electrical Projects Engineer

  • AisleLok Sliding Doors, form Upsite Technologies provide a tool-less, self-install solution for Cold & Hot Aisle Containment applications. See them at Data Centre World.

  • Data centre operators that intend to extend their infrastructure “on demand” with an even smaller form factor than it was previously available using containerised data centres are invited to take a closer look at the INSTANT EDGE.  This is  a complete micro-modular data centre that will be shown on the Daxten stand D540. The INSTANT EDGE from Instant Data Centers can be operated as a comprehensive stand-alone data centre or as a pod with numerous units, which is modular and expandable. This is an ideal product for the rapidly expanding edge computing architecture. According to requirements the INSTANT EDGE allows for setting up or to retrofit DC architectures in compliance with Tier I to IV standards

  • Premium Power's Data Centre Solutions

    02 Mar 2018 Premium Power

    "We provide services to data centres in the areas of power analysis, power quality, harmonic filters, power factor correction, voltage stability and arc flash. We understand the sensitive nature of this work and have built a trusting relationship with our data centre clients."

    Andrew Hogan, Operations Director

  • Trusted data center and networking solutions for a connected world

    02 Mar 2018 Pentair Technical Solutions GmbH

    In the spring of 2018, Pentair is presenting its complete portfolio supporting data center infrastructure and network technology at various events in Europe. Pentair products ensure the highest availability and uptime with minimal operating costs.

  • Olson & The Data Centre Industry


    Olson Electronics PDU’s can be found in many datacentres, some of which are the largest Datacentres in Europe and overseas. A data centre is a facility used to house various computer systems, telecommunications storage systems and associated data cabling infrastructure.

  • The next generation UPS

    01 Mar 2018 Socomec


    Native digital Masterys UPS from Socomec converges with the latest smart-tech

  • The future of Power Monitoring

    01 Mar 2018 Socomec

    The future of power monitoring- ground breaking technologies for greater simplicity and performance


    The latest developments from Socomec are delivering smarter buildings and facilities – with sustainable and intelligent energy solutions.

  • Environet 4.8 automates time-intensive tasks, streamlines navigation and power metrics visibility. Geist, a division of Vertiv and provider of intelligent power and management solutions for data centers, announced version 4.8 of Environet, its popular data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software.

  • Landsvirkjun provides power to secure the continued growth of Advania Data Centers

    28 Feb 2018 Landsvirkjun, The National Power Company of Iceland

    REYKJAVIK, Iceland-

    Landsvirkjun and the technology company Advania Data Centers have signed a power contract for the supply of 30 MW to the data center at Fitjar in Reykjanesbær. Efforts are being made to expand the data center and the IT provider expects to triple its operations. Fifty employees are expected to work at the data centers and the estimated turnover for the year is approximately six billion ISK.

    The agreement allows Advania Data Centers to meet the ever-increasing demand for high performance computing and specialist services in blockchain technology.


  • The underground telecom vaults in New York City, USA, were frequently flooded, especially after hurricane Sandy. A major Tier 1 carrier turned to Roxtec to prevent future flooding and the associated liabilities.

    The concrete walls in the vaults are designed for up to 20 matrixes of penetrations for coax cables and fiber bundles. But the foam and other sealing materials that were used for the cable penetrations were not a good solution for the uneven surfaces of the water saturated walls and could not withstand the high pressure. It was necessary to find a tight and area efficient solution to seal around thousands of cables.

  • A world renowned Data Centre required Premium Power to conduct fault finding on site with portable monitoring equipment without switching of the UPS or variable frequency drives during the survey.

  • To ensure conditioned air makes its way from the CRAC unit through the raised floor, to the cold aisle and ultimately to the front of the server racks,it is necessary to ensure optimal airflow conditions at all raised floor openings. Using conventional grilles or perforated tiles is not ideal as they are unable to direct the conditioned air with the required pressure and velocity to equally cool hardware at the top and bottom of the cabinets. The passive Triad floor tiles from RLE Technologies are equipped with stratification airflow fins that ensure cooled air is directed to all cabinet levels. The unique design of the tile means that they can also be deployed to counteract the effects of negative airflow. The tiles fin and baffle design reverses the effects of air being sucked under the floor which is particularly common in vented tiles located close to CRAC units. These floor tiles will be presented on the Daxten stand (D540) at Data Centre World 2018, which is being held at ExCeL London on the 21st and 22nd March.

Latest News

  • 17-Feb-2020

    Register here for our 3-part webinar series, starting on 25th February. Join to understand how to use the dashboards, how the data was prepared using Tableau Prep, and how it all came together in Tableau Desktop Introduction “People can be said to be deprived if they lack the types of diet, clothing, housing, household facilities... Read More

    The post Using data-driven insights to understand deprivation in England appeared first on Techerati.

  • 17-Feb-2020

    As DevOps Technical Lead at Virgin Atlantic, Martyn Coupland has two primary responsibilities. First, he is one of the subject matter experts for the airline’s Microsoft Azure platform and the subject matter expert for the Azure toolset which enables its DevOps program.

    In addition to the technical legwork, Martyn also provides expertise “around the softer side of DevOps” - in other words, the people and process side of things: “As technology changes, people change and processes change. DevOps will always be here to ensure all three sit together and provide real value,” he explains. “This allows not just technology teams at Virgin Atlantic but other parts of the business to adopt DevOps methodologies.”

    The post How to chart DevOps success (securely) with Virgin Atlantic’s Martyn Coupland appeared first on Techerati.

  • 17-Feb-2020

    In August 2019, Russian media reports began to emerge that orphans were being brought to summer camps in Lithuania and taught to kill. The catch? The story wasn’t true – it was ‘fake news’. Although summer camps do exist in Lithuania (as they do the world over), the young attendees weren’t being taught warfare techniques.

    Misinformation campaigns have long been used by hostile governments against enemies and competitors, yet in the past few years the problem of ‘fake news’ has grown dramatically in scale. Facilitated by social media, it’s easier than ever to spread lies and confusion online. But concerned citizens are starting to take a stand - and they’re using AI to help.

    The post “Fake news!” How AI is countering a major threat to democracy appeared first on Techerati.


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