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    06 Mar 2020 Socomec UK

    Add more Force, Speed and Power to your Transfer Switches

  • CORNING, N.Y — Corning Incorporated announced today that all connectors on its EDGE and EDGE8 data centre platforms will now utilise Corning CleanAdvantage™ technology, decreasing installation time for data centre customers by eliminating the need to field clean connectors prior to the first installation. CleanAdvantage utilises proprietary cleaning technology for the entire connector ferrule, in addition to factory-installed optimized dust caps, to ensure a factory-clean connector ready for installation. This technology will be included, at no extra cost, on all MTP and LC Uniboot connectors within the EDGE and EDGE8 structured cabling solutions.

  • Leading UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL UK, has confirmed the promotion of Louis McGarry to Sales and Marketing Director with immediate effect. Formerly CENTIEL’s sales manager, Louis McGarry will now oversee CENTIEL’s UK sales and marketing operation. In addition, Andrew Skelton previously operations manager, has now been named as Operations Director.   Andrew Skelton is responsible for the delivery and deployment of CENTIEL’s full range of market leading UPS solutions for projects across the UK.


    Mike Elms, managing director, CENTIEL UK confirms: “Since launching the CENTIEL brand in the UK two years ago, the company has grown dramatically requiring additional staff which makes introducing the correct structure and the right people within a senior management team imperative. In addition, our range of UPS solutions has been further extended, so as well as CENTIEL’s true modular UPS system, CumulusPower which offers class-leading “9 nines” availability, the standalone PremiumTower range now has individual ratings up to 250kW. As a technology company, we continue to position CENTIEL as industry experts and trusted advisors to our growing client base in the UK.

    “Louis McGarry’s appointment to sales and marketing director recognises his significant contribution to our success so far. He will now have overall responsibility for the continued expansion of our hardware and service sales in the UK.

    Louis and Andrew’s new roles and our renewed structure will further strengthen our existing team and put CENTIEL in the best place for continued for long-term industry leadership.”

    Louis McGarry comments: “I joined CENTIEL to be part of something different. Launching the CENTIEL brand and delivering the latest UPS technology has certainly been different! Being part of a team of experts who have an agile approach and a shared goal has been key the company’s growth and to our success.

    “Taking on the role of sales and marketing director will allow me to continue our expansion and help the company move to the next level. It’s an exciting time in this industry to be leading the next generation of UPS experts, delivering the next generation of UPS technology. Who wouldn’t want to be part of this!”

    Louis McGarry joined CENTIEL at the end of February 2018 as Sales Manager. McGarry has over a decade of experience in the UPS industry working for brands such as Kohler Power (previously UPSL), and Emerson Network Power (Vertiv). 

    His extensive knowledge of products and services including UPS systems and generators enables him to successfully design and deliver solutions for the critical power market.

    CENTIEL is a Swiss-based technology company designing, manufacturing and delivering industry-leading power protection solutions for critical facilities. Its three phase true modular UPS, CumulusPower known for its “9 nines” (99.9999999%) system availability and low total cost of ownership through its Maximum Efficiency Management (MEM) and low losses of energy, has now been installed in datacenters and comms rooms in over 60 countries across five continents. More than 50 MW of critical power loads are now protected with CumulusPower in locations across the world including: the UK, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic and the Channel Islands.

    Find out more : www.centiel.co.uk

  • When building the Project Q data center in Queretaro, owner representative Santander Global Facilities México faced this challenge: How to route multiple cables and pipes through a 45 cm thick perimeter wall and still maintain its integrity?

  • Cleveland Cable is proud to have received certificate number SKT-001 of the BASEC stockist scheme, making us the first cable distributor in the world to be accredited under a BASEC scheme. The BASEC mark is recognised by the worldwide cable industry as the mark of reassured quality. 

  • Cleveland Cable Company strive to continually improve quality across all areas of our business. We are proud to announce the completion of our custom built testing centre in our Middlesbrough Head Office and gaining our newest certification, the BSI Kitemark for our internal testing under the scope of:  Electrical and other cables; The process of Batch testing - certificate number KM712695

  • Santa Clarita begins testing the effectiveness of installing Room Alert environment monitors throughout the city to monitor traffic signal and crossing gate status to improve commute times and reduce repair costs.


  • Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) announced that its RocketRibbon™ extreme density cable has been recognized as the “Data Center Physical Connectivity Innovation of the Year” at the Data Center Solutions (DCS) Awards in London. This is the seventh consecutive year that a Corning product has won a DCS award.

  • CENTIEL to Demonstrate Li-ion Battery Solution at DCW

    Leading UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL UK Ltd has announced it will demonstrate its new Li-ion battery solution for the first time at Data Centre World, on booth D1035. In addition, CENTIEL will show its 4th generation, industry leading, three-phase, true modular UPS system: CumulusPower plus the extensions to its range of stand-alone UPS: PremiumTower, ideally suited to applications where minimizing total cost of ownership is a significant factor.

    Mike Elms, managing director CENTIEL UK confirms: “Li-ion has been a ‘hot topic’ for some time now and has been adopted as the norm in other sectors such as electronics and automotive. The UPS industry is now taking notice and starting to see how datacentres can take advantage of its many benefits.

    “CENTIEL’s CumulusPower – known for its “9 nines” (99.9999999%) system availability and low total cost of ownership – works with both VRLA and Li-ion so we will demonstrate both battery types within one frame at DCW,” explains Elms. “Although this configuration wouldn’t mix in real-life, using half Li-ion and half VRLA cells will show one of the main advantages of Li-ion technology: that it offers 3-4 times greater power for the same space. As a result, our Li-ion solution is aimed at comms rooms with weight restrictions and or space limitations.

    “Because Li-ion works at a much higher temperature than VRLA blocks it can be also advantageous for those who don’t want to use expensive air conditioning to control the temperature in the comms room in order to reduce costs and their carbon foot print. Li-ion also has a longer life than VRLA batteries and much faster re-charge times. At DCW our experienced staff will be on-hand to discuss the pros and cons of both Li-ion and VRLA batteries in relation to various applications, including their suitability for the smallest 10kW N+1 systems, right through to the largest UPS.

    “In addition to our battery solutions we will be showing: CumulusPower our scalable and flexible true modular three-phase UPS system that combines class leading availability and efficiency that makes it perfect for use in small, medium and large datacenters,” continues

    Elms. “However, not every application requires a modular UPS and for these applications and so we will also demonstrate the latest additions to our PremiumTower range. It has the same Swiss build quality and innovative technology seen in CumulusPower but comes in a lower cost, stand-alone cabinet, ranging from 10kW – 120 kW.”

    Visit us at Data Centre World, 12th – 13th March on stand D1035.

  • As data center environments become more complex, companies are continuing to invest in technologies to support the rapid growth of their information and communications technology networks. User requirements and solutions for rack power distribution are changing and intelligent PDUs are taking the front seat in investments. The question is: are these investments being used to their fullest potential?

    Join Chatsworth Products (CPI) during an expert presentation titled, "Make the Most of Your Intelligent PDU Investment" on Feb. 21, 2019 at 10 a.m. CST / 4 p.m. GMT. Matt Burkle, CPI's power engineer and solutions expert, will cover the benefits and functionality of intelligent PDUs and will describe important capabilities that can help you boost your return on investment (ROI) over the short and long term. 

  • Leading UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL SA,  has appointed Mike Elms as managing director of its UK subsidiary, CENTIEL UK Ltd.   Elms, who first joined the company as sales and marketing director last year, has more than 25 years’ experience in the UPS industry and will now have overall responsibility for driving the UK business forwards as part of CENTIEL’s global expansion plans.

    Mike Elms, managing director, CENTIEL UK explains: “I am, and always have been, an unashamed fan of the modular UPS concept.  Its flexible, scalable nature combined with high efficiency in a small footprint continues to lead the industry.  And now CENTIEL’s 4th generation, three-phase, true modular UPS system: CumulusPowerTM  takes this to another level, offering: “9 nines” (99.9999999%) system availability and lowest total cost of ownership through its high online operating efficiency and Maximum Efficiency Management (MEM) system.   I am excited about working with the CENTIEL team to bring CumulusPowerTM and our full product range to the market.

    “Last year there was a real focus on putting the right building blocks in place within CENTIEL UK,” continues Elms.  “For example, we took on four more sales staff and their success at introducing our industry leading UPS solutions means we are currently recruiting more engineers and growing our team further.  2019 will be an important year for CENTIEL, as we continue to increase the scope and range of our UPS solutions, to offer the most available, flexible and reliable systems to protect the critical power needs on behalf of our customers.

    “During 12-13 March we will be demonstrating our new Li-ion battery solution for the first time at Data Centre World, on booth D1035.  In addition, we will show CumulusPowerTM plus the extensions to our range of stand-alone UPS: PremiumTowerTM, ideally suited to applications where minimizing total cost of ownership is a significant factor.  So why not come and meet the team?  Our experts will be delighted to have a no obligation discussion about the pros and cons of alternative UPS configurations and how they could apply to your facility’s individual requirements.”

    CumulusPowerTM  has now been installed in datacenters and comms rooms in over 60 countries across 5 continents with more than 50 MW of critical power loads now protected in locations across the world including:  the UK, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic and the Channel Islands…and continues to grow……

    For further information please see:  www.centiel.co.uk or visit us at Data Centre World on booth D1035.

  • Chatsworth Products (CPI) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Pemsa®, an innovator in developing mesh and wire trays and conduits. Under the agreement, Pemsa Rejiband® Wire Mesh Tray System is now available in the United States and Canada exclusively from CPI.

    Pemsa Rejiband Wire Mesh Tray System is a complete pathway solution that can be supported from the wall, ceiling, floor, or from the tops of CPI Rack and Cabinet Systems. Additionally, CPI has developed new accessories to integrate Pemsa Rejiband Wire Mesh Tray and CPI Rack and Cabinet Systems. This joint solution will help to enhance safety and compliance in the data center and for premise network and electrical distribution, while increasing worker efficiency and network performance.


  • Condair at Data Centre World 2019

    04 Feb 2019 Alison Weller
    Condair has extensive experience in working with data centre designers and air handling unit manufacturers that need to incorporate evaporative coolers or humidifiers into their systems. Previous data ...
  • Considering Cost

    01 Feb 2019 Centiel UK

    The priority of any UPS is to protect the critical load and keep it running as long as possible in the event of a power loss.  We often talk about developments in modular technology and the associated benefits, such as improved availability and reduced downtime, however, not all project budgets allow for a modular solution.

    When cost reduction is a driver for winning contracts, a standalone UPS is a good solution.  Choosing a UPS that offers built-in internal batteries eliminates the hidden cost of external battery cabinets while minimising the overall system footprint.  A UPS that has a small footprint and is easy to install initially, will provide a smoother handover for contractors and clients alike.

    Another consideration when choosing a UPS is Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Purchasing poor quality or inferior designed products can rapidly drive up overall investment costs as batteries and other components may need to be replaced within a short time span.

    Purchasing directly from a manufacturer also cuts out the ‘middle-man’ reducing cost and providing  the peace of mind of full factory support and servicing, plus a 2-year factory warranty.

    At CENTIEL our design team works at the forefront of technological development.  We are the trusted advisors to some of the world’s leading institutions in this field. CENTIEL’s stand-alone UPS: PremiumTower for example, has an unbeatable on-line operating efficiency of 96.6% which minimizes running costs.  It is currently available in power ratings of 10kW – 250kW, with a range of frame sizes that include built-in batteries to significantly reduce footprint ensuring it can fit into even the smallest comms room.

  • You have invested in intelligent PDUs, but are you using enjoying all of the benefits? As data center environments become more complex, user requirements and solutions for rack power distribution are changing and intelligent PDUs are taking the front seat in investments. This presentation will cover the benefits of intelligent PDUs and describe important capabilities that help boost the return on investment (ROI) in the short and long term.

  • Cold aisle containment is used for the cooling of servers and other IT equipment within data centres. Cross-guard reveals what benefits their new aluminium cold aisle (launching soon) will bring to their clients.

  • CHATSWORTH PRODUCTS - How Can You Simplify Deployment? Consider the Benefits of eConnect® PDUs New API. Chatsworth Products (CPI) has endorsed cabinet-level intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) with metering and switching capabilities as an integral part of an effective data center infrastructure management strategy for years. 
  • Chatsworth Products' (CPI) newly redesigned CUBE-iT™Wall-Mount Floor-Supported Cabinet is now available for purchase. It secures and protects large information and communications technology (ICT) and audiovisual equipment, while enabling valuable space savings.

    The three-part, swing-out design delivers exceptional strength and rigidity, and includes two heights and depths to support a variety of larger server-converged equipment, heavy-duty UPSs, batteries and Power over Ethernet (PoE) deployments.

  • Blocking bypass airflow through cabinets is a critical component of any effective airflow management solution, and may temporarily solve cooling issues without the need for additional ducted exhausts or aisle containment. 


  • Compatible in the transition phase

    20 Dec 2018 SCHURTER

    DC connectors according to IEC TS 62735 are (still) new territory. Tailored for the time being to a very specific clientele and demanding due to the new technology, they pave the way for a future-oriented, efficient power supply with enormous potential for various fields of application.

  • When trying to decide on the best data center design and the most appropriate products, it is not always about the latest trend. What is right for one data center may not be right for another. It is important to understand the different options available in terms of server cabinets and racks, and the different advantages they can bring.

  • The pace of deployment for storage continues to increase, while the refresh cycle for compute continues to shorten. How will you support rapid deployment so that racks, power and network are in place when compute and storage is required? 

  • Sam Rodriguez, Chatsworth Products (CPI) senior product manager, was recently interviewed by Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine about the importance and differences of grounding and bonding when deploying cabling systems in nontraditional and harsh environments.

  • Many businesses and government agencies are increasing their ability to monitor activities by installing equipment. This includes security cameras in outdoor locations where they are exposed to environmental conditions. The ability to protect sensitive electronic devices in these conditions could result in saving property—and even lives. The enclosures that house this equipment should be high quality, providing years of environmental protection.

    Chatsworth Products (CPI) is trusted around the globe to help protect their technology investments. CPI's RMR® Industrial Enclosures are often selected for security installations because of their high-quality seals, and the customization CPI can provide to ensure the enclosure matches the equipment.

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