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02 Mar 2023

nVent Schroff RackPower PDU

nVent Schroff RackPower PDU
RackPower PDU
  • New nVent PDU features ultra-low profile design for greater space efficiency in the rack
  • IP cascading enables up to 64 PDUs to be managed through a single IP address
  • RackPower PDU provides a range of metering options to meet a world of applications

Smart RackPower PDU features an ultra-low profile space saving design for improved equipment access, easing server room moves, adds and installations as well as providing more room for cabling and reducing obstructions to airflow in the cabinet for more efficient cooling operations. With an operating range up to 60 degC, the new PDUs are suitable for increasingly power dense equipment racks in server rooms, data centres and harsh environments.


Available in different configurations to meet a wide range of requirements, the nVent Smart RackPower PDU line-up provides sophisticated models with options for PDU energy metering, outlet level switching and outlet level energy metering. Users can choose the features they need to optimise power at the rack level, from network management and access control, to remote power control at each individual outlet, customisable alarm thresholds and notifications, and high accuracy, billing grade metering to ISO/ IEC62053-21.


The high end RackPower PDUs are complete with nVent’s advanced Network Management Controller (NMC). Based on high performance ARM A5 processor, the NMC is hot-swappable with toolless installation, giving options for top or bottom mounting as well as display rotation to maximise visibility of data. The MNC includes a USB-C port for future-proof upgrades and expanded sensor support, a Gigabit Ethernet primary network connection and 10/100 Ethernet for redundant networks, dual bandwidth access and high bandwidth cascading.


nVent Smart RackPower PDUs enable IP cascading with up to 64 PDUs – the most of any PDU on the market – able to be accessed and managed using a single IP address. Cascading enables ease of management and maintenance as well as reducing cabling and connections. It is especially useful in situations where network resources are constrained, e.g., IP addresses are in limited supply or external Ethernet ports are costly.


Other features of nVent Smart RackPower PDUs include flexible and future proof 2-in-1 and 4-in-1 combo outlets, user defined electronic colour coding for easy power source identification, two-way DC power sharing for always-on network management and alarms, and extensive environmental monitoring and access control options with plug and play support for up to eight digital sensors.

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