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20 Jan 2023


FRIGEL Group- Intelligent Process Cooling Stand: D320
Frigel Hybrid Cooler Factory in Florence

As average global temperatures continue to rise during the climate crisis, heatwaves are likely to become more common in Europe. Data centers are extremely complex operations that depend on many different components and cooling is one of the most important. Data centers need to be kept at optimum temperatures to operate efficiently. While they can withstand extreme temperatures, higher temperatures can take a toll on the cooling systems that data centers rely on. These needs can be met with Frigel's new hybrid adiabatic solution "Ecodry LDK". Frigel is a trusted partner to the IT industry, working with customers to optimize reliable and green data center heat dissipation systems. With over 9,000 installations and over 25 years of experience in adiabatic technology, we offer the expertise to enable new free cooling with water and energy savings opportunities in data centers of all sizes, worldwide. This is what we suggest for Data Center Facility managers and CTOs.

The most efficient adiabatic cooler, LDK is characterized by a high efficiency humidification system (COOLPAD™) and by a new generation of EC fans which, combined with a more effective dry cooler, obtain a new level of compactness in a powerful new adiabatic cooler product line.
The Ecodry LDK series is the natural choice over evaporative cooling towers. And it is the technology evolution of our Ecodry 3DK systems, of which Frigel has an existing installation base of thousands of units, in addition to responding to the new needs of industries; energy efficiency, sustainability and saving of raw resources such as water.

Industry 4.0 Intelligent Central System Control Platform
The 3PR 4.0 product platform is a dedicated Frigel solution that provides complete control of Frigel central cooling systems. 3PR 4.0 control meets the needs of processors to supervise and manage the whole cooling system from a single control point. All the connected central system components are controlled via a unique control panel that has been designed specifically for Frigel systems. 3PR 4.0 is available in two versions, Lite and Premium, depending on the size of the system and the equipment to control.

Full native connectivity to MiND™ and its new HMI (Human Machine Interface) offer a flawless user experience and compatibility with Industry 4.0 architectures, providing easy visualization and process diagrams of the connected equipment, dashboards for main parameters, performance graphs and alarm management and history.

Industry 4.0 central system and machine side Web Interface and Monitoring Platform
Frigel releases the MiND™ 2.0 platform, the evolution of its Industry 4.0 concept. MiND™ 2.0 is an innovative digital solution to meet the increasing needs of modern companies to reach Industry 4.0 and IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) standards. MiND™ 2.0 is now able to provide customers a perfect supervision and maintenance tool for all Frigel equipment and accessories, both central and machine-side, allowing for monitoring and management of all working parameters and events and registering performance and energy consumption of every single cooling system component through a multifunctional user interface, both locally and remotely, through a user-friendly webpage.

Frigel is much more than a manufacturer of cooling and temperature control systems. We are technical consultants with the ability to identify the best solutions, in terms of performance, efficiency, environmental impact and to calculate the return on investment for each individual application.
We offer solutions calibrated to the needs of each customer by studying innovative solutions, carefully designed and fully supported, to obtain the best results which are verifiable in terms of productivity, efficiency, quality and precision.
Seven production sites worldwide: Europe (Florence and Padua), America (USA), Asia (Thailand and India). Four commercial branches (Germany, Poland, Italy) and 51 distribution service points (a worldwide network of agents and distributors).
With more than 40 years of experience in industrial refrigeration, filled with innovative solutions and breakthrough technologies, Frigel has built a broad know how in different industry sectors and a solid position in the refrigeration market.
In Frigel, we are experts in refrigeration, but in our technical choices, there is always the premise of combining the improvement in performance with an indispensable reduction of the environmental impact. Sustainability is today a crucial principle of our ability to imagine and innovate. This is in Frigel's DNA.





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