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08 Feb 2022

HARTING offer custom-made connector and cabling solutions for data centres

Harting UK Stand: D36
HARTING offer custom-made connector and cabling solutions for data centres

HARTING have been designing and manufacturing industrial connectors for the last 75 years. However, customers are increasingly seeking bespoke, custom-made solutions. We design and build customised products at our manufacturing facility in Northampton, which are based on market-leading connectors from the extensive HARTING range.

Using these standard products, we design cable assemblies for the transmission of data, signals and power for a wide range of markets, including data centres. We can also support you with thorough in-house testing of cabling and wiring.

HARTING offers plug-in, pre-assembled cabling solutions for distributing power from the data centre’s uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to the rack power distribution units (rPDUs). These pre-assembled solutions optimise the energy supply chain by significantly reducing installation time compared to fixed wiring.

With fixed wiring, data centre developers and planners must manually wire the electrical connections from the UPS to the rPDUs. This is time consuming and increases the risk of wiring errors. Plug-in cable assemblies are safer because they are pre-wired and tested. As soon as the equipment has been installed, the cable assembly only needs to be plugged in. This takes only a fraction of the time it would take to wire it directly to the rPDUs.

Minimising downtimes is also very important. When the time comes for maintenance work, the cable assembly connection can be quickly and easily disconnected and then reconnected, reducing downtime compared to hard wiring.

No matter the degree of complexity, we have the capacity to produce bespoke solutions and project-specific assemblies to suit your needs, including installing components, efficiently routing cable harnesses and fabrication. To further assist you, our design team can create a 3D CAD visualisation of your build beforehand to ensure absolute accuracy before manufacturing begins.

The HARTING manufacturing facility holds ISO 9001 certification for Quality Management, the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard and UL certification for Wiring Harnesses ZPFW2 / ZPFW8.

If you’d like to know more about HARTING UK’s manufacturing capabilities and customised solutions, please visit www.harting.com/UK/en-gb/solutions/harting-customised-solutions-uk or email salesuk@harting.com .


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