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01 Feb 2023

Bringing Sustainability to the Forefront of the Data Centre Industry | IT Energy Efficiency Specialists Attending Data Centre World London

TECHBUYER Hall: N4-N13 Stand: D56

IT Energy Efficiency Specialist Interact is attending Data Centre World to champion energy efficiency in the data centre world and bringing their scientific solutions to transform the data centre industry’s environmental impact. At DC World’s two-day event held in London this year, senior members of the Interact team will be demonstrating the opportunities presented by Interact’s energy saving software to industry leaders.  

Interact’s Managing Director Rich Kenny will be attending the event and discussing ‘Innovation in the Data Centre – Can Hyperscale Provide a Blueprint for Sustainability and Performance?’ with Alex Watson-Jackson from AWS. Held at the World Keynote Theatre on Thursday 8 March, the fireside talk addresses the complexity of muti-site reporting, innovations in technology and hardware, novel approaches to the build environment and how to embrace innovation to make meaningful change.

Supply Chain Sustainability

With internet usage surging, there is no denying that this is a boom time for the data centre industry. However, with this growing surge in data creation, use and storage, the energy requirements of data centres are also ballooning, and with that their environmental impact. Globally, data transmission networks consume 260-340 TWh in 2021, or 1.1-1.4% of global electricity use. At the same time, energy prices are soaring and the industry is increasingly being tasked by investors on their growing environmental impact. 

Increasingly, organisations are being tasked on the sustainability of their supply chains and tighter industry standards are looming. Data centres will have to answer to how efficient the hardware they are running is. 

Although there are available solutions that can reduce the energy requirements of the infrastructure of data centres, these do not tackle the energy usage of the IT that is responsible for 65% of the energy draw of a data centre on average. Interact is the only solution to offer a transparent energy efficiency grading scale for any server configuration of any make, model or generation, combined with consultancy solutions and sustainability training to increase server estate’s energy efficiency, drive digital transformation and help set companies’ carbon agendas. 

Interact’s Head of Sustainability, and Chartered Environmentalist, Astrid Wynne, will be attending the event and asking ‘What is there in terms of verifiable green data centre certification?’ in her fireside on ‘Data centre sustainability certification – how do you demonstrate success?’. Astrid also asks, ‘what are the benefits of certification and how do you tie this to external investment, operational cost saving and recruitment strategies?’

Interact’s Head of Sustainability, and Chartered Environmentalist, Astrid Wynne, will be hosting a panel discussion, ‘Data centre sustainability certification – how do you demonstrate success?’ in the Energy Efficiency, Cost Management & DCIM Theatre on 8th March. She and the panellists will be discussing LEED, ISO or BSI standards, as well as frameworks that measure other environmental impacts such a verified Net Zero Pledge, support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and a B Corp Impact Assessment.

Energy Rated Servers
Interact software is capable of instantly identifying the worst performing servers within a data centre IT estate and comparing poorly performing servers with the best alternatives for cost and energy usage.

The result is that data centres are able to reduce their environmental impact significantly while retaining the necessary high-performance devices.

Interact’s Sustainable Solutions
Interact is a multi award-winning IT Energy Efficiency Specialist whose energy efficiency solutions have been adopted by FTSE 100 companies worldwide. It uses proven analytic software to help companies in the data centre and enterprise industries reduce energy costs and scope 2 and scope 3 carbon emissions.

Interact can produce savings of 65-75% of the average data centre’s electrical usage, which translates into more than 3.5 million kilos of scope 2 CO2e per data centre over the course of five years (based on Interact’s work with more than 300 data centres).

Find out more about Interact’s Energy Efficiency Solutions at www.interactdc.com or visit them at the upcoming Data Centre World London event at Stand D56! 


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