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03 Feb 2023

Bringing Digital Transformation with IT Life Cycle Thinking to Data Centre World 2023

TECHBUYER Hall: N4-N13 Stand: D56

Bringing Digital Transformation with IT Life Cycle Thinking to Data Centre World 2023

The term “life cycle” is not one that immediately springs to mind when we think of IT hardware; technology has traditionally been used and disposed of, resulting in the wastage of millions of tons of valuable resources and the build-up of devastating quantities of e-waste globally.

At Techbuyer we are determined in bringing lifecycle practices and services to the forefront within the IT sector. That is why, at this year’s Data Centre World (DCW) London event, we will be introducing IT life cycle thinking to industry experts and demonstrating how easily sustainability, energy efficiency and high-performance IT coexist.

Techbuyer is a champion for the circular economy. Our services are designed to promote life cycle thinking within the IT industry; from procurement and maintenance to responsible disposal and enterprise hardware infrastructure design, we work to develop IT solutions with a circular focus.

Our services provide IT analysis, consultancy, hardware, software, and secure disposal solutions to offer digital transformations designed around life cycle thinking.


What is IT Life Cyle Thinking?

Life cycle thinking allows us to explore the full potential of a product, as well as the materials used. Within the IT industry, life cycle thinking refers to the production, procurement, maintenance, analysis and eventual disposal of technology, encompassing the entire workable life of the hardware.

Life cycle thinking is one of the core driving forces behind developing a circular economy and ensuring that all products and materials are used to their fullest potential.


Techbuyer’s IT Life Cycle Services

Techbuyer is the only supplier of a truly circular IT solution. From IT procurement and product lifespan extension to disposal, we allow companies to actively partake in and develop a positive life cycle process for their IT hardware.

That is why we are bringing our services, products and research to DCW this March. At the event we will be highlighting the importance of lifecycle thinking throughout your IT journey and how this can be used to further your technology goals and capabilities.

In 2021 we demonstrated that second hand no longer means second best with the release of our research into the Slowdown of Moore’s Law and the performance of refurbished when compared to new.

Since then, we have strengthened our research, developed an industry-first tool that reports on and optimises data centre hardware, grown our services to encompass the entire IT life cycle and advocated for the development of a circular IT economy, vocally, around the world.


What To Expect from Techbuyer at DCW London

Techbuyer builds optimised IT solutions designed with the needs of the customer, and the needs of the planet, at the centre. Our circular driven solutions, plus provision of specialist environmental training means our customers have the peace of mind that we can help them at every stage of their digital transformation.

Through our consultancy led approach, data centre equipment analysis, secure and sustainable technology disposal and IT architecture and software design, we provide solutions for the full product life cycle.

Techbuyer will be introducing IT life cycle thinking at Data Centre World London; our expert team will be demonstrating the impact of our industry-leading approach on IT system performance, efficiency and environmental impact.  

To join in the conversations that we will be having on IT life cycle thinking and to find out more about transforming your IT systems in 2023, head over to stand D56 where you will be met by our industry experts. Our team can offer technical analysis and consultancy on your IT infrastructure, as well as high-quality IT hardware, secure and sustainable technology disposal and infrastructure design.

If you would like to learn about sustainability in the IT sector, our Head of Sustainability, and Chartered Environmentalist, Astrid Wynne, will be presenting a panel at the event to discuss environmental standards for the industry. Hear more from Astrid in her recent podcast, “Becoming a Sustainable Business” in which she discusses how companies around the world can work to improve their environmental impact.

Learn more about the Techbuyer team that you can expect to see at our Stand D56.


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