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Why Outdoor Lighting is Critical for Data Centres

02 Mar 2022
Data Centre Design and Build & Physical Security Theatre
Design & Build and Physical Security

Successfully lighting the building surrounds and outdoor spaces of Data Centre’s is one of the most challenging and multi-faceted applications in the lighting industry.

Bringing a harmonious approach to combine security critical lighting demands of CCTV for facial recognition and wayfinding in hazardous areas; whilst across the globe there is an increasing demand, aligned with Building Standards, to minimise the impact of lighting on the nocturnal environment for both people and biodiversity.  A considered approach, with the correct specification of products, controls and solutions is key.

This session looks into these topics and more to demonstrate how to ensure that your Data Centre is safe, secure and environmentally sensitive.

Eliot Horsman MSLL, Head of Application – Urban Life & Architectural - Zumtobel

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