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The BIG debate: DCIM: Embrace or bury?

02 Mar 2022
Energy Efficiency, Cost Management and DCIM Theatre
Energy Efficiency Cost Management and DCIM
The BIG debate: DCIM: Embrace or bury?

What is your experience of using data centre infrastructure management software? The idea behind DCIM is undeniably a good one. However, many data centre operators have struggled to make best use of this technology. Very often it becomes overcomplicated, bloated, and difficult to use. The technology has a tendency to try to manage everything and therefore become unwieldy. In this panel session we will look at the challenges and opportunities of using DCIM and how to make the best use of it. Takeaways include:

• Pros and cons of DCIM
• Alternatives currently available
• Debate and Q&A about DCIM technology

Jeff Jones, Sr Director Data Center Automation - Juniper
Mikko Kiukkanen, Sales Director Apstra - Juniper Networks
Andy Ford, Head of Technical Solutions – UK (Data Centre Automation) - Juniper Networks

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