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Fireside Chat: Data Centre Sustainability: Responsible ESG or cynical greenwashing?

02 Mar 2022
Facilities and Critical Equipment Theatre
Energy Efficiency Cost Management and DCIM

Data centres are a huge source of carbon emissions, collectively pumping out the equivalent CO2 of a mid-sized country. But you wouldn’t know it from the statements of cloud companies. Big tech firms talk the talk on data centre sustainability, yet so far action has been limited, while their footprint continues expanding. So, is talk of data centre sustainability anything but ‘greenwashing’, or do these businesses take their environmental impact seriously? In this fireside chat, we’ll discuss:

• What data centre sustainability really means
• Standards and guidance in place today
• How we should interpret data centre companies’ sustainability statements
• How data centres (and their environmental impact) are likely to evolve

Deborah Andrews, Associate Professor, Design & Project Lead, CEDaCI - School of Engineering, London South Bank University & CEDaCI
John Booth, Managing Director - Carbon3It Ltd


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