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Language is important, we need to learn a new one!

02 Mar 2022
Facilities and Critical Equipment Theatre
Edge & Future Strategies

The language that we use determines how our industry is perceived by the general public and by legislators. Right now the perception of our industry is bad. We are seen as pariahs. Data centres are seen as huge contributors to CO2 emissions, power hungry buildings that do little to contribute to society or the economy. The real problem is … it is our fault! We have brought this upon ourselves through the language that we use to describe ourselves. We need to change the public perception of data centres and the value they bring to society, the economy and modern life in general. The only way to do that is to learn a new language and to use that new language to change the way in which we are seen. The question is: can we change? Are we capable of learning a new language?

Alex Rabbetts, Managing Director - European Data Centre Association


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