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Panel debate: The UK data centre landscape and rise of hyperscalers

03 Mar 2022
Facilities and Critical Equipment Theatre
Facilities and critical equipment , Edge & Future Strategies
Panel debate: The UK data centre landscape and rise of hyperscalers

Are hyper scale data centres going to eat your dinner? With their ability to maximise cooling, manage power more efficiently and balance workloads more effectively, hyperscale data centres are undermining traditional infrastructure. More and more hyperscale data centres are being built across Europe, so what does this mean for traditional data centres? How, as a data centre operator, can you ensure your offering and facilities stay competitive while capturing emerging opportunities from the increase in hyperscalers? In this session, you will learn:

• Who is using hyperscale data centres and what for
• How much of a threat they are to your business
• How you can compete and differentiate your offering

Scott Roots, Director - Uptime Institute
Alex Webb, Head of Sales - 4D Data Centres
Elaine Sutcliffe, Project Director - Linesight


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