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Innovative Data Center Fire Protection

02 Mar 2022
Facilities and Critical Equipment Theatre
Facilities and critical equipment
Innovative Data Center Fire Protection

Today’s data centers aren’t anymore the mainframes as we know them from previous decades. It is this innovation and development why data centers keep posing unique challenges for the fire protection engineer. First, they will have to determine the objectives they want to achieve when selecting the fire protection system
Protec the data or the facility? As the data nowadays is more and more available in the cloud and physical stored in multiple servers in multiple locations, these objectives have been changing from data to facility protection. Furthermore, they will also have to take into account the size and set-up of the data centre when selecting the fire protection system.

By attending this session, you will not only be introduced to the basics of fire protection in Data Centers, but also:

- Learn about the benefits of using watermist as a solution in data centers.

- Get to know why FIREKILL™ is the most cost effective solution in the market.

- Get an overview and typical system layout from the FIREKILL™ watermist solution


After this session we would like to invite you to join us at our booth, for some drinks and bites, and to discuss any questions you may have in more detail.

Miguel Martinez, Global Business Development Manager - VID Fire-Kill


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