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Innovation in the Middle East: MENA – The Saudi Arabia Digital Hub initiative

03 Mar 2022
DCW Keynote Featuring the Edge & Future Strategies
Energy Efficiency Cost Management and DCIM , Edge & Future Strategies
Innovation in the Middle East: MENA – The Saudi Arabia Digital Hub initiative

Back in 2020, STC announced its intentions to establish a Digital Hub in the region as a new initiative supporting KSA vision 2030. During- the LEAP event (February 2022) that was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, his excellency, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, along with STC GCEO, announced the STC MENA HUB initiative to establish a standalone entity for a digital hub for KSA and the region. This entity is a one billion (1 billion ) US Dollars investment represented by the current assets of STC (subsea cables , data centers, boarder nodes and international POPs along with the new investments in the subsea, data centers). This session will explore how STC will support the KSA digital agenda (digital transformation and digital economy) to create an ecosystem to serve KSA and the region through hosting hyperscalers and localising cloud, content and gaming services.

Mohammed A. Alabbadi, Chief Wholesale Officer - STC


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