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#EdgeDCIM - An architecture for Edge data centres infrastructure monitoring

02 Mar 2022
Energy Efficiency, Cost Management and DCIM Theatre
Energy Efficiency Cost Management and DCIM , Edge & Future Strategies
#EdgeDCIM - An architecture for Edge data centres infrastructure monitoring

The need for monitoring data centre infrastructures, in order to optimize Energy Consumption and maintain uptime is continuously growing and this explains the popularity of DCIM systems.
With the diffusion of “Fog Computing” paradigm this need will increase even more as it will be necessary to monitor multiple remote locations.
EdgeDCIM is an architecture that consists of edge devices monitoring essential infrastructure of the micro data centres, devices that are then connected to a Cloud system for data aggregation. Reflecting the same architecture of edge computing this combines the local elaboration and fast response of the edge with the data presentation and analysis of a centralized system, allowing to guarantee reliability and efficiency.

• “Fog Computing” paradigm will increase the need of DCIM due to the necessity to monitor multiple remote locations.
• The best way to do that is using an architecture that reflects the same paradigm using edge devices connected to a remote system
• An EdgeDCIM would be perfect to guarantee a redundant system offering both basic local monitoring and remote connection for aggregation and optimisation

Enrico Boscaro, Group Marketing Manager - HVAC Industrial - Carel

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