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Delivering the 24/7 Sustainable Power Solution for Data Centres

02 Mar 2022
DCW Keynote Featuring the Edge & Future Strategies
Energy Efficiency Cost Management and DCIM
Delivering the 24/7 Sustainable Power Solution for Data Centres

·       The data centre industry will have to adjust to more regulation as well as increased pressure to be sustainable in the coming year. By 2025, the carbon emissions of hyperscale services will rank third in cloud purchasing decisions, according to independent research.

·       Being 7/24 carbon neutral by 2030 basically leaves 8 years to achieve it. Finding the right strategy this year is crucial. Are a deployment of 24/7 carbon neutral solutions possible without sacrificing growth and speed?

·       Carbon neutrality can best be achieved with a combination of green technologies - battery storage, hydrogen, microgrids. Full Integration of the solutions in the power system of the data centre, as well as the automated management of the assets including the interaction with the grid, is key to succeed in the given time and at the speed of growth the market is seeing.

Marcus Giese, Solution and Innovation Manager Data Centres - Hitachi Energy
Peter Lantry, Global Data Centre Lead - Hitachi Energy
Ross McConnell, Global Head of Energy - Yondr Group


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