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More than just green energy: how to build a sustainable data centre

03 Mar 2022
Data Centre Design and Build & Physical Security Theatre
Design & Build and Physical Security , Energy Efficiency Cost Management and DCIM

There’s a growing interest in ‘green’ data centres, but where should you begin? For many operators, the ‘low hanging fruit’ involves powering their sites with green energy. That’s a good start, but there’s much more that can be done to make a data centre truly sustainable. In this session, we’ll be presenting a case study that looks into the many different ways you can build a low-impact data centre, including things like:

• How location, material recycling and reuse of waste heat can reduce carbon footprint
• Alignment with standards such as LEED, CEEDA and more
• Integration with the grid and access to green energy

Michael Holm, Global Sector Lead Datacenter - Telia


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