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Implementing Artificial Intelligence in DCIM

02 Mar 2022
Energy Efficiency, Cost Management and DCIM Theatre
Energy Efficiency Cost Management and DCIM , Edge & Future Strategies
Implementing Artificial Intelligence in DCIM

Maintaining a data center is a complex task, so responding to growing global demand, while balancing the pressures of resilience, sustainability and security, requires innovative solutions. One of those innovations is Artificial Intelligence.

This session digs into the in-house pressures and global trends pushing data centers towards Artificial Intelligence. We’ll also look at the options within AI such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Digital Twins and explain how these options, coupled with an effective DCIM solution can raise efficiencies while reducing costs.

Martin Matse, Global Business Development Manager – Data Centers - Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. / ATS-Global B.V.


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