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Future planning: Challenging the cynic’s view of Data Centres in 2022

03 Mar 2022
Data Centre Design and Build & Physical Security Theatre
Energy Efficiency Cost Management and DCIM

Every year people look at what may happen in the future of data centres. There are many new and emerging technologies that are often proposed as the ‘next newest best thing’. Usurpingly there is an alternative view to be understood. What is unlikely to happen! Join me for a wander through edge, multi-coloured hydrogen, labour shortages, PUE and greenwashing amongst others. I might even go nuclear at some point. Although some may view this as a glass-half-empty view, we do need to have a dose of reality and stop getting overly excited about the new, until we have a solid roadmap through the existing situation.

James Rix, Project Director - Arcadis Consulting (UK) Ltd


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