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Discuss and debate: Opportunities and blockers for waste heat utilisation

02 Mar 2022
Data Centre Design and Build & Physical Security Theatre
Energy Efficiency Cost Management and DCIM

Waste heat utilisation is certainly a ‘hot’ topic in the data centre industry. Several cutting edge projects have explored how waste heat can be recovered, stored and reused for a variety of purposes – from turning generators to produce electricity, to providing heat to nearby homes and offices. We will explore the uses of recovered waste heat from data centres and look at some of the most exciting examples of waste heat utilisation. We will also investigate the challenges of capturing and reusing waste heat in established infrastructure. Learn about:

• How waste heat utilisation works
• Opportunities (with real world examples)
• Challenges to waste heat utilisation (plus some solutions)

Jon Laban, Open Source Collaborator, JRLaban & Board Advisor, SDIA - JRLaban & Sustainable Digital Infastructure Alliance (SDIA)
Matt Wegner, Researcher - London South Bank University
David Gyulnazaryan, Consultant Data Center Decarbonisation & Chair, SDIA Steering Group - SDIA Steering group

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