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Case study & demonstration: A biogas prime-powered, liquid-cooled edge data centre with direct heat recovery

03 Mar 2022
DCW Keynote Featuring the Edge & Future Strategies
Energy Efficiency Cost Management and DCIM

As part of an EU H2020 funded project called Wedistrict (grant agreement #857801), the ICE datacenter at RISE has built a proof-of-concept demonstrator that consists of a containerized edge immersion cooled data centre that is continuously powered by solid oxide fuel cells running on locally produced and stored biogas that can provide thermal renewable energy to the local district heating network at Lulea in the north of Sweden. The presentation will discuss the concept, practical configuration and early results around producing thermal energy from the combined immersed computations, fuel cell heating and power. In addition to explaining the benefits and challenges of the demonstrator.

Jon Summers, Scientific Lead in Data Centres - Research Institute of Sweden


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