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Climate action: Carbon neutral data centres – beyond the energy source

02 Mar 2022
Energy Efficiency, Cost Management and DCIM Theatre
Energy Efficiency Cost Management and DCIM
Climate action: Carbon neutral data centres – beyond the energy source

Many data centre operators are choosing to power their infrastructure using renewable energy sources in an effort to combat climate change. But energy usage isn't the only way that data centres can tackle their carbon footprint. For example, data centres are buildings – which means that they contain a lot of ‘embodied’ carbon. The metal, bricks and mortar used in construction will have generated large amounts of CO2 during production. In this session we will look at how various design, construction and management decisions affect a data centre’s carbon footprint and how to minimise it. Learn about:

  • How to account for all carbon generated in data centre design and management
  • Tools to calculate data centre CO2
  • Best practice for clean, green data centres

Max Schulze, Founder - Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA)
Peter Pohlschröder, Managing Director & Stellv. Vorsitzender - NDC-GARBE Data Centers Europe GmbH &German Datacenter Association e.V.
Staffan Reveman, Energy Consultant - Reveman Energy Academy
Jon Summers, Scientific Lead in Data Centres - Research Institute of Sweden
Astrid Wynne Rogers, Sustainability Lead - Techbuyer

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