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Attracting and developing Talent in the Data Centre Industry

02 Mar 2022
Data Centre Design and Build & Physical Security Theatre
Edge & Future Strategies

Steve Bowes-Phipps is the Chair of the Workforce Capability and Development (WC&D) Special Interest Group at the Data Centre Alliance.  Ali Moinuddin from the Uptime Institute will be exploring with him, why, despite Data Centres being an incredible high growth area for both innovation and careers, with median pay high and well above national average pay levels no matter which country you look at, the degree of new talent entering the industry is low and has always been low. There are a number of systemic issues pervading the sector…

Ali Moinuddin, Managing Director, Europe - Uptime Institute
Steve Bowes-Phipps, Senior Digital Infastructure Consultant, PTS & Advisor to the Board, DCA - PTS Consulting & Data Centre Alliance (DCA)


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