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Future data centre technology and techniques

With billions of dollars pouring into data centre technology, the coming years will be incredibly dynamic for the industry. But which technologies need to be on your radar? In these sessions, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the most exciting and innovative data centre technologies that are currently emerging. These include new kinds of GPUs and CPUs that will supercharge processing speed and give a boost to AI. We’ll be discussing the potential of robotics and automation to manage data centre workflows. And our experts will be looking into 5G, IoT and edge computing, all of which promise to transform data centre operations.

Sustainability and energy efficiency

The world’s data centres consume more than 1% of all the electricity humanity generates. Data centre managers can therefore play a crucial role in the fight against climate change. In these sessions, we will be exploring the environmental impact of data centres and looking at ways to run them more sustainably. Whether it’s switching power sources, building them in colder places, or making existing operations more energy-efficient, these sessions will present case studies and delve into ways we can reduce or even eliminate the carbon footprint of data centres.

‘Outage-proof’ expansion and upgrade

Demand for data centre capacity has never been higher – and it is only set to keep rising for the foreseeable future. However, the expansion and upgrade of data centres have been hit by a combination of lockdowns and the global shortage of chips. So how can data centre owners continue to scale while meeting uptime – and environmental efficiency – requirements? In these sessions, our speakers will tackle the difficult calculations data centre owners are having to make. We’ll be discussing ways to optimize space, predict for and avoid outages, use new ways to cool infrastructure – and plenty more.


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