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HPC: On the rise, how to deploy it, and what's the future?

11 Mar 2020
Facilities and Critical Equipment

High performance compute is on the increase with more increasingly power-hungry equipment needing to be deployed. HPC is also now more accessible than ever and starting to see take-up within the UK’s SMEs.

This session will be looking at what to look for in your HPC purchase, where to run your workloads, and some changes required in data centre infrastructure to enable and support your HPC environment.

We’ll also touch on the problems of running complex HPC workloads in the cloud, moving big data around, and some of the new innovations on the horizon that will hopefully improve the calculations per watt of your HPC environment allowing more work for less £££.

  • - How to run HPC workloads in a data centre
  • - Colocation vs Cloud for HPC?
  • - Future HPC innovations: Reduce your calculations/watt cost
  • - Moving HPC workloads and big data around
David Barker, Founder and CTO - 4D Data Centres

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