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Evaporative Cooling certification: a guaranty of performance for data centre cooling units

12 Mar 2020
Energy Efficiency, Cost Management and DCIM

When we talk about data centre the energy consumption is a key criteria. More and more the evaporative cooling technology is used to cool the warm extract air coming from the server rooms, very efficient and clean this technology perfectly suits the data centres problematics. Achieving the right performance is crucial for project engineers, project managers and all other parties involved in the design of the data centre, this is why Eurovent Certita Certification developed, with the help of several experts of the field, a new certification scheme for evaporative cooling units including units for a data centre application. Based on existing testing methodologies this certification scheme guarantee that the performances declared by the manufacturers for his evaporative cooling units are the right ones. Certifying the performance of the cooling units is the first step to ensure a right energy performance of the data centres.

Ian Butler, Project & Audit Manager - Eurovent Certita Certification

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