Conference Programme 2020



Transform your Power Network to be Energy Aware

12 Mar 2020
Data Centre Design and Build & Physical Security Theatre
Data Centre Design and Build & Physical Security

Electrical power is key to Data Operation and performance. Traditional expectations would have power provided by the national grid and backed up by on site diesel generators. But what if this were to change? Data Centre design and operation engineers now need to be cognisant of where energy originates from and design accordingly. This is part of being Energy Aware. The electrical generation and distribution market are on the cusp of major change: the ENERGY TRANSITION.

  • What is Energy Transition and its immense impact on data centre design and strategy
  • How grid instability is expected to be an increasing factor that requires design change and mitigation
  • How to tune a data center’s performance by making its infrastructure equally Energy Aware
  • Accelerated adoption of renewable energy sources onto the national grid and its distributed deployment
Richard Molloy, Business Development Manager Battery Energy Storage - Eaton

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