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Global Strategies: People, Environment & Innovation

It is natural for data centre professionals to focus all their attention on the sites they manage. But it’s equally important to step back and look at the bigger picture; how do the data centres you operate fit into wider global conversations? From environmental issues to geopolitics, innovation to diversity, data centres have an important role to play. 

Join us for a series of stimulating sessions where we explore global issues, and how data centres fit in with them. We’ll be covering skills, training and recruitment strategies, while also considering the perennial issues of diversity. The climate – and how data centres can be made more sustainable – is also top of the agenda. And innovations, from 5G to hyperscalers, edge computing to off-land data centres will also feature heavily. Find out how it all relates to your organisation:

•    Learn about key issues affecting the industry
•    See examples of data centre operators who are transforming the sector
•    Attend discussions on sustainability and diversity

Energy Efficiency, Cost Management and DCIM

Data centres have had growing success in recent years when it comes to sustainability. But as the climate crisis begins to bite, we will need to accelerate investments and innovation. And so, in this conference theme, we will be exploring how data centres can boost energy efficiency – and manage their costs better too. 

Come along to learn about practical techniques to make your data centres more energy efficient. Topics such as heat waste management, electronic waste management and cooling and venting innovations will be a big focus of discussion. We’ll also be exploring actions to reduce data centres’ environmental impact, including the ‘circular economy’, carbon neutral data centre operation and recycling. We’ll also be looking into the benefits of, and discussion around, DCIM. Join us for:

•    Real world examples of data centre innovations around sustainability and efficiency
•    Techniques and tools for management of costs
•    Discussions around the practicalities of introducing DCIM and efficiency

Facilities and Critical Equipment

Data centres face a greater range of threats than ever before – from cyber criminals through to extreme weather and even physical breaches. As vital nodes in the modern economy, ensuring safety and uptime at data centres is absolutely critical. So, in this series of sessions, you’ll learn about the latest insights, research and ideas for managing risk and preventing failures in this infrastructure. 

We’ll be hearing from experts about recent innovations in facilities and critical equipment design – see how it works and if it’s right for you. Other sessions will be looking at failures, why they happen, and how to address them – including real world examples and case studies. The conference theme will also be looking at the current threat landscape, how you can prepare, and how to handle a variety of breaches. Come along to learn more about:

•    The risks your data centre operations face today
•    How to prepare for risks
•    New innovations, tools and methodologies

Design & Build and Physical Security

What happens when a data centre gets attacked? Until the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the idea that physical infrastructure might face physical breaches might have seemed outlandish to many, but not anymore. In this series of sessions, we’ll be talking about data centre design, build and physical security – and the techniques and methods you can use to keep your infrastructure safe. 

We have invited guest speakers to explore a range of physical security challenges at data centres. You can expect sessions on design and build, new security methods and monitoring. We will also be looking at the implications of physical security for different kinds of infrastructure, including large, micro and geographically remote sites. And our speakers will be assessing risks and strategies you can use. Come along for insights into:

•    The current physical threats facing data centres
•    Innovations and strategies to reduce risk
•    The impact of 5G and hyperconverged infrastructure

Attend Data Centre World on 6-7 March 2023 at ExCeL London

Data Centre World is designed for C-level staff, data centre leaders, end users, managers and key decision makers. No matter the size of your business, or whether you represent the public or private sector, there will be lots of takeaways and goals to achieve at the event.

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